Real Park Drive Simulator APK

Real Park: Drive Simulator is an android game that gives you a chance to test your driving skill on a busy road. It will be a very enjoyable but a little bit tricky game for you. You will find it very challenging to be a qualified driver and complete all of your missions perfectly. So, let’s give a deep dive into this enjoyable game.
Real Park is a very busy city which road is full of fast vehicles travelings. You will need to drive your car carefully through this road without any accident. You will find here four kinds of multiple vehicles to drive such as Taxi, Truck, Bus and Fire Trucks. You will need to complete different types of tasks for various vehicles. When you are a Taxi driver, then you have to need transporting your passengers to their destination. Truck driver mission lets you deliver goods to customers. The Bus driver mission needs to pick up passengers from various sites. Finally, You will need to extinguish flames and protect peoples of the city with the Fire Truck driving mission. Each driving missions are full of over 90 intensive and challenging tasks and simple operations. This game also includes a multi-camera feature that offers you a first-person perspective.