Pixel Blacksmith APK

Pixel Blacksmith is a very interesting game that is about blacksmithing pixels. Here you will need to deliver blacksmithing items to your visitors in time according to their demands from your shop. It is totally free of cost and a very simple game. You can enjoy this game a lot. So, let’s now give a deep look to know more about this game.
Pixel Blacksmith is a game where you are a humble blacksmithing shop owner. You will need to deliver unique items to your customer from over 175 crafted unique items. You will find all kinds 50+ visitors as your customer. They will want all kinds of items from you. You have to deliver these items in time. Then they will give you bonuses. But if you can’t be able to response within a short period, then they will leave. Remember that you won’t get same order twice as this game contains advanced visitor demand system. This game provides repeatable tutorials for every area with detailed help articles. Pixel Blacksmith also includes unique art style that adds more interactivity.